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Rental propertyGateway Select Properties is Your Key to Successful Real Estate Investing.

Rental property is a valuable investment but it can be challenging and time consuming to deal with tenants and maintenance problems. We, at Gateway Select Properties, specialize in 2-4 unit multi-family buildings, condo and single family property management and can turn your rental property into a hassle-free investment.

Rental Property Management St Louis

With the Housing Market in St Louis still improving, investing in Rental Properties is a superb strategy to diversify your financial portfolio. Having said that, you need to take care of the fact of your investment decision in order to harvest the long-term advantages from any future sale. Selecting a rental property management company designed to correctly manage your rental property is the most suitable solution to make sure that your investment remains safe and secure.

Go with a company which is knowledgeable of the local market

Making sure that the rental service that you will be using understands the local rental market is actually essential! Knowledge of the local market suggests that your property manager is aware of what tenants are searching for and the local rental rates they are willing to pay. When your rental company is experienced, they’re going to have advice on how you can showcase the property to obtain the greatest rental rate in that marketplace. Helping to make smart and cost knowledgeable recommendations to the owner of the property that will maximize overall return whilst enhancing the property so that it grows more desirable, will help boost rental rates, reduce turnover and minimize vacancy. Your rental company needs to make sure that your property continually stays in great condition by doing regular inspections.

Customer Services / Availability / Communication

You need to be able to get hold of your Rental Property Management Company any time you need him/her and even more importantly the renter must be able to in the event of an unexpected emergency. Selecting a St Louis property management company that strives to provide great customer service is definitely the way to go. Excellent customer service will also mean good communication. Keeping owners well informed and continuous communication about the marketplace and how their property is being managed is essential in any kind of rental management partnership.

Locate a Rental Management company that is a member of the Better Business Bureau

rental property managementGet hold of the BBB by phone or look them up on the internet see which Property Management companies have an “A” rating. The BBB should have satisfactory background information on the most qualified businesses. You should definitely choose a Property Management company that values an outstanding relationship with tenants

An outstanding St Louis property management company possesses a good relationship with their tenants. Content tenants leads too reduced turn over and thus less re-letting fees. Happy tenants will even make releasing less of a challenge. A professional property management company with a great name in the eyes of the tenant isn’t easy to obtain. Select a management company that cares, it’s going to improve the overall return on your investment.

Commercial Property Management St Louis

Gateway Select Properties is Commercial property management in St Louis that employs the objectives like leasing, inspection, financial management by means of accounting department, tenant retention etc. and additionally is a well-known commercial property management company.

Any time you professionally manage commercial properties in St Louis it is crucial that you possess a outstanding understanding in the local community over view of the current market. The good news is an experienced management company can provide high-quality services for your commercial property management requirements. Which enables them to take care of all facets of managing a commercial property and can assist with liberating your time so that you are capable of concentrating on the more essential aspects of your portfolio.

commercial property management St LouisFor those who own commercial property, the property management company will handle all of the interior and exterior repairs and maintenance problems when required, as well as heating/cooling systems, landscaping, elevators, bathrooms, hallways, carpeting, etc. Property managers may also take care of negotiating new leases, lease renewals, space improvements and rents.

You will find a lot of commercial real estate investment companies in St Louis that can supervise the vast majority of tasks like purchasing, reselling, and developing of commercial investment properties.  But with a small amount of research you will find Gateway Select is a leader the St Louis area. Just about every clients would like to raise their return on investment and to dependable collection, so that they can approach the commercial real estate investment companies when getting proper guidance and strategies in acquiring new properties, managing present properties or portfolios of properties, arranging appropriate advance financing etc..


Katherine L. Work, broker/owner of Gateway Select Properties, is a Certified Property Management Specialist, who will use structure and common sense to manage your portfolio.

Gateway Select Properties is a St. Louis-based full service residential/commercial real estate property management company specializing in leasing and management services to property owners. Our staff consists of certified, qualified, and highly trained professional property managers committed to excellence in customer service and attention to detail.

Here are some of the services we offer:

Management and Maintenance Services

  • Property inspections
  • Rent collection
  • Supervision of trusted maintenance personnel for routine property upkeep
  • Maintain strategic alliances with vendors for property improvement or major repairs
  • Respond to tenant requests and facilitate corrective measures

Tenant Services

  • Detailed application process
  • Complete credit check, employment verification, and reference checks
  • Negotiation of rental agreement
  • Collection of security deposit and upfront fees
  • Evictions


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