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Property Management Residential Commercial

Property Management Residential Commercial

Property Management Residential Commercial Rental property is a valuable investment but it can be challenging and time consuming to deal with tenants and maintenance problems. We, at Gateway Select Properties, specialize in 2-4 unit multi-family buildings, condo and single family property management and can turn your rental property into a hassle-free investment.

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Properties For Rent

Properties For Rent

Whether you looking for a loft, condominium, townhouse or apartment Gateway Select Properties has several properties to choose from. Gateway understands customers want a Property Management Company that is well trained and experienced to handle any situation. So when looking for your next home in the St Louis Area whether a loft, townhome, condominium, or apartment let the professionals at Gateway Select Properties unlock that door to the home that fits your needs.

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Properties For Sale

Are you in the market to sell your home and want your home to sell at a price that is fair to you and in a timely manner. We have the proper certifications with years of experience in the St Louis Market to do just that. Gateway Select Properties understands that every situation is different when trying to sell your home. We walk you through the process and expose your property to the market using the latest technologies in marketing on line, off line, Video Marketing and Mobile Marketing just to name a few. We provide a smooth transaction along with diligent marketing to make your experience pleasant and convenient; making sure your home sells quickly and at a price that is fair to you.

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Some Basic Facts about Commercial Property Management in St. Louis


For many people, investing in real estate properties is one of the best ways to earn money without working too hard for it. That’s why they buy tracts of land and set up apartments for rental, or spaces for stalls and businesses. When they already have a lot of properties, though, taking care of them might turn into the most taxing of burdens, unless they seek help from experts who offer commercial property management in St. Louis, Missouri.

What is Commercial Property Management?

Essentially, property management is a system whereby a manager maintains properties in your stead, collects the rent from tenants, and even does some renovations necessary for the maintenance of the place. This way, you get to have a virtual eye on your properties even without visiting it often, thus giving you more time to invest in other properties or focus on other endeavors. Continue reading “Some Basic Facts about Commercial Property Management in St. Louis” »

Management Mastery: Utilizing Rental Property Management in St. Louis


The city of St Louis, Missouri is separated into 79 distinct neighborhoods, each strongly influenced by immigrant culture. Despite this number, some folks have difficulty finding a decent and affordable place to live within the city. This would be a good opportunity for you to open an apartment or condominium in the region to serve those in dire need of housing.

Before you start opening your condo or apartment in the area, you have to consider the difficulties the business entails. You’ll have to manage issues with rent, maintain the condition of the property, and settle the concerns of the tenants. If all that sounds very daunting to handle, you should consider enlisting the services of a company that offers rental property management in St. Louis. Continue reading “Management Mastery: Utilizing Rental Property Management in St. Louis” »

Property Management News for 2013 and Beyond

property managementProperty management

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To be able to compete along with other property investors and property professionals you need to provide a corresponding value or product as well as ideally you need to offer something far better to get an edge. A person’s properties and administration style need to be treated like a brand designed to provide a far superior product than your competitors to draw in and retain top quality residents. My partner and I take pride in our properties and work to improve them as well as enhance their value to the best of our means at each and every opportunity.

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